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The FluxVilleTimes

Context Matters.. .In Today's Economy, Change is the Only Constant and with Change comes Opportunity  ~ Capitalism 4.1 and The Fourth Industrial Revolution Frame the Game... 

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Structures in Binary

Today, most of the public is unaware that we are in the midst of a moment of new understanding. In recent decades, a revolution has taken place in our scientific and mathematical understanding of the systemic nature of the world we inhabit...

Economics and Business...
The last bastions of Modernism...
"I think they are the last bastions of the idea that you can redesign the world in accordance with a rationally designed blueprint. Modernism in the 20th century went through areas such as art, architecture and the humanities with the idea we could rethink everything from the ground up and that we understood enough about the world to do that. I've come to believe that we don't But people still think they can analyze and structure economies as if they were a mechanical systemand that they can do the same in business. So in the same way that Corbusier said - wrongly - that a house is a machine for living in, it exemplifies the idea that a businessor or a community can be structured from first principloes in the same way - and ignores the social context withinin which economies and businesses work - They are organic entities that evolve over time and operate within a social context. You can't look at them independently of that."

John Kay, British Economist, Author

The Great Transformation
- "We are living in the early years of a third revolution that will transform strategies and management processes. The first was the industrial revolution, the second was the information revolution, and the third (now underway) is The Design Revolution."

In Modular-Finance...™ the optimal portfolio is not found on an efficient frontier... but is one that can adapt to change... investing requires a notion of the future... Context Matters...The Mission of The FluxVilleTimes is to provide context... because the prize goes to the one that can imagine a future that is different than the past and connect the dots faster than the next guy... Capitalism 4.1 - The Great Transformation and The Third Wave, help paint a picture of the Future... In Modular-Finance...™ change is a constant and context matters.

~ We used to understand the world as stable and predictable and now we see that it is unstable and inherently impossible to predict.
When it comes to the Economy...This is not a cyclical recovery as many economists think...This is an Evolutionary Phase....Modular-Finance was developed to help you navigate an evolutionary phase...