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About Us

The MAIN & WALL Story

Founded in 1991 to align the emerging discipline of financial planning with investment management, align strategy with purpose, and put the needs, goals and interests of MAIN Street first, we were MAIN & WALL before MAIN & WALL was cool. Today, in the World of Finance as well as in the World of Politics, the debate, relationship and interplay between MAIN Street and WALL Street, finance and society, is now front page, center stage and all the rage.

Complexity Economics, Modular-Finance™, Fiduciary Capitalism, Design & Systems Thinking, The Mayo Model, Fintech, the Disintermediation Revolution and Orgel's Rules... (and we're just getting warmed u

This is The Gateway to The Next Level

We don't have a 21st century financial system - What we do have is a system built with 19th century ideas, 20th century institutions, juiced with 21st century technology...

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come"   ~ Victor Hugo

Welcome to MAIN & WALL Financial™

~ Design Thinking applied to The World of Finance ~ 

MFiM™... Modular-Finance~in~Motion™...

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to a new way of thinking about planning and investing in the 21st century. We call this approach - Modular-Finance~in~Motion™. The ideas we will present to you are decades in the making, but fundamental in nature. Together they form the foundation of our model and approach......Our mission is threefold: 1) Bring these ideas to the forefront 2) Establish the foundation and develop the conceptual framework and 3) Create the requisite model, cultural, and corporate architecture to put them in play to benefit individuals, investors and society. Modular-Finance~in~Motion is the product of Design Thinking, bringing together an interdisciplinary approach to provide innovative thinking and solutions to get you to the next level and survive and thrive in the ever changing highly competitive world of the 21st century. 

The Game has changed: The needs are different, The game is faster, the stakes are higher  - Some get it, some don't, and some will get trapped in the past.

The ideas we present are firmly in play in both academia and at the Institutional level. Unfortunately, when it comes to investment management, Financial Planning has always lagged ideas in academia and institutions by ten to twenty years. This time is no different. While the institutional World is working with complexity theory and non-linear systems, the financial planning industry is busy automating/selling Modern portfolio antiquated and discredited concept from the 1950' World is Changing, The Third Wave is upon us and most of MAIN Street will likely get left behind with the antiquated thinking and mean variance optimization portfolios being touted today by old Wall today.

 Welcome to The ModularWorld @MainandWall™

A Smarter Approach...

"To understand the complexity of human behavior, we need to understand the different environments that have shaped it over time and across circumstances, and how the financial system functions underthese different conditions. Most important, we need to understand how the financial system sometimes fails.

Academia, industry, and public policy have assumed rational economic behavior for so long that we've forgotten about the other aspects of human behavior, aspects that don't fit as neatly into a mathematically precise framework.

Nowhere is this more painfully obvious than in financial markets. Until recently, market prices almost always seemed to reflect the wisdom of crowds. But on many days since the financial crisisbegan, the collective behavior of financial markets might be better described as the madness of mobs. This Jekyll-and-Hyde personality of financial markets, oscillating between wisdom and madness, isn't a pathology. It's simply a reflection of human nature."

Andrew Lo, Adaptive Markets

Efficient markets mean that there's no such thing as a free lunch, especially on Wall Stree: if financial market prices fully incorporate all relevant information already, trying to beat the market is a hopeless task. Instead, you should put all your money into psassive index funds that diversity as broadly as posible, and stay invested for the long run. SOUND FAMILIAR? This is the theory that we teach in business schools today, and it was taught to your broker, your financial adviser, and your portfolio manager...... but it is WRONG!

Man Working With Calculator and Notes

MAIN & WALL 2.1... The Second Iteration...

Our mission today has evolved and is more ambitious than when we first started. The mass market is over. The middleman is gone. Human capital matters. Modern Finance Theory is adrift and being re-examined. Our mission is to introduce an alternative theory and approach - Modular-Finance Theory - blending quantitative finance with the social sciences and the ability to manage both deliberate and emerging strategies, and create the requisite model to deliver the benefits to the individual investor and society in the 21st century.

The Age of Transformation...

We are living in the early years of a third revolution that will transform strategies and management processes. The first was the industrial revolution, the second was the information revolution, and the third (now underway) is the Design Revolution.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. It is provided as food for thought and under no circumstances should it be construed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Before acting on any information or investment recommendation, you should always do your own homework and consult with your financial advisor.,,,,,,,,,,,, and are the property of MAIN & WALL Financial Corporation. Other linked sites are provided as a courtesy. We do not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, nor do the links indicate any association with or endorsement of the linked site by MAIN & WALL Financial Corporation.