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Democracy and Capitalism

The Arrow and the Ring

"Every civilization has understood the dualistic interplay between change and permanence, between male and female principles, between the yang and yin of creativity and preservation. And this creative tension is as much a driving force in politics and economics as it is in every other aspect of human psychology. Yet this all-important dualism of life and society is rarely mentioned in economic discussions. Instead of trying to understand the interplay between repetition and progress, economists and financiers are typically divided into two mutually hostile camps..."

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"Investing has a lot to do with common sense and personal observation. The man on the street frequently knows far more about the state of the economy than politicians, university professors and financial analysts who seldom travel, or when they do, only from one first-class hotel to another first-class hotel and from one golf course to another. The pulse and vibrancy of an economy is, however, nowhere more visible than in a country's entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centers.
" Hat Tip ~ Marc Farber, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report

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